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i dint know i have a blog!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wont find me for 3 days.. im so sure about it!
Wont find me for 3 days.. im so sure about it!
Armin Van Buuren.. 3 of your songs made me feel better

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tik Tok Tik Tok

31 December 2009...

time is running out!!
better do whatever you wanna do before its too late for year 2009!

Sit back and think about what you've done in this year 2009.
From day 1 of 2009 until the last day of 2009.
What the heck I've done? what the fuck you've done?
What you got, what you lost, what you gain, what you learn.
did you changed? did you grow? did you meet new friends?
the most importantly is, did you fuck up your life??
From the flash back I recalled when I closed my eyes for about 15 minutes.
I saw what I've done through out this year.
The thing I've lost, The thing I've gain, How a bad ass I am.

Starting of the year. I chose Sunway College in Sunway City Selangor
as my college, Thanks to my sister's friends who recommended me there by saying Sunway have very very good lecturers.
But they din't found that they are dragging me to darkness.
A path where I never had imagined.
A path which filled with joy.
A path that burns your wallet.

I remember in 2008, I followed a road trip to visit sunway college with my beloved SAMTET!! When i first walked into this college and after looked around, I said to my friends : " dude, like fuck I'll come to this college man, looks so normal and it doesn't attracts me at ALL! Look around us, no lui geh... empty empty... I want something nicer man" but after I said those words something came into my mind "shit, what if I study here next time??"

And so.. 2009 = Welcome To Sunway City [melody from eminem's detroit city]

The Year 2009
Orientation in Sunway College
This is really a challenging day for me. No one is from Ipoh that I know,
no ally no friends.. all ALONE. Shum is in FIA, Cheah wan yee is in CAT.
Trying to make friends but I'm too shy to do so..
Until the 2nd day of orientation =.=
a girl sat beside me! She talked to me but I was soooooo nervous and dare not look at her
and so this first impression in her mind is " ANGRY LANSI FELLA "
and she is EMILY
the first person who talked to me in A-level.

a very sweet, cute especially her action, warming girl =D
and I think she's a lesbian. XD LOL

Roommate! U Zu Peng!

The first guy who i met in Sunway City
My first and best roommate!!
too bad he can't renew his contract and kena kicked out
and some guy took him away from me =(


New hommies
new place = lonely = new hommies

during scholarship day!

new hommies included nerdies, geeks, real gangster, tennis player, and alotttt moreee
dont blame me if i dint upload picture of you!

(he's with his humping machine)
evil occurs during 6th of March, this guy, JEREMY YAO aka Lin Kun Dai Lou asked me to go clubbing with him in Barcelona. That's the first time i ever step into a club. The first time I don't like it at all, no feeling no movement no action all we do is just stand there and look around. And of course, some others looking at us as well.

Too much has happened in night life..

-Got tipsy and start laughing and talking to people around, it's a good thing! they invite me to events and we make good friends!
-Almost get into a fight, thanks to the dai kar jie accused me hitting on her where I just walked past her.
-See how people gangbang a guy outside MOS
-Counting drunkards kena carry out from MOS
-Something super unexpected happened in MOS's The Deq's Techno Room.
-Riot in Barcelona where ah foo and me WAS UNDERAGE
-Tight jeans, double d's makin' me go (whistles)

The Comeback

I must say this is the best part of my year.
Ipoh Mali are coming to Sunway City.
We hit the street!
We give no shit to bitches around.
too bad after 8.31 Independent day aka Shum's bd
zjin chose to not go club due to some phobia.
And this is when I started got no feeling whenever I'm in a club =.=

Friends leaving to MALAYSIA

well, not everyong is going to be in Form6, UTAR, KL colleges
best friend ah liao is leaving to Melbourne
Rice - Adelaide
BOK- Adelaide
Why la? malaysia education also good mah!
But my mom did asked me to go Adelaide the day before sending me to sunway
WTF right!!?? if not i'll be in melbourne with ah liao already!
I was worried about the rm 1k that paid for sunway it would be wasted if suddenly change to melbourne and when my mom asked me what about adelaide i asked her about the 1k and what she said?? its just 1k lah. WTF!!!!
If I'm in Melbourne I'll be banging blondes man!

My First Working Experience
I signed up for MTV WORLD STAGE!
and they put me in F&B position!
1 night RM200+ i'm the highest among all other workers!!
the next day, my neck my feet my back my hands were in so much of pain!
money aint easy to earn man..

Study time
I must say THANK YOU to professor! the one on the left side!
He willing to teach me what I dont know during exam times.
Everytime when I encountered some weird questions and don't understand something about it
I'll find professor! block A, 6th floor, unit 3!
Without professor, my result wont improve!

Leaving Sunway for YUEM
This fella, 13A1 in SPM, left sunway for YUEM
It's sad that your friends are leaving for other college =(

Boky's Raya Break

one year contract to stay in Sunway Resort!
as Boky came back to Malaysia every 12 weeks??
he come to kl to visit us!
way to go bok.

I'm in Langkawi Bitch

When you're on a holiday
You can't find the words to say
All the things that come to you
And I wanna feel it too
When you're on a golden sea
You don't need no memory
Just a place to call your own
As we drift into the zone
On an island in the sun
We'll be playing and having fun
And it makes me feel so fine
I can't control my brain

Everyone wishes to have something during christmas time
but not everyone's wishes will come true.
Nevertheless I got mine. =P
Ich Lieben Dich <3 style="color: rgb(102, 51, 255);">

Boxing day
Eh yo sis! did you get me my rayban in melbourne!?!

went for work during Boxing day in Golf Club with nicole and sheena the horny...
dont wanna talk about it..
and the pay is fixed!!!
waste my time!!!

New Year Eve
They said Barroom is a club?
That is utterly absurd!
Heard alot people around me saying "hey lets go clubbing"
and I say where??
they goes " Barroom la! voodoo, lush, zero "
these are pubs not club!
pathetic clubber wannabe stop degrading the word clubbing.

Barroom is like a gathering ground for everyone..
When I went there, I saw alotttt of friends..
older than me, younger than me, same age.. long lost friends!
cheeseong, ah loon, jeffrey, junie, fat shaun, chin loong, mah zhai, wei keat,cadets, scouts, primary schoolmates, some guys who turned into lala zhai-s. ( you who you are)
After the Fireworks, me and shum bounce to RJ.
It was boring after all... but there are scene I love to see =P
just like JOO ZJIN IS BACK!!!! YEAH!!!!

Mistakes I've Made
too much to mentioned about it..

-Biggest Mistake in my life.
Screwing up the best thing ever,
is something you'll regret forever

-Slacked off on studies.
Too much fun it makes you go crazyy.
luckily I got to control myself...
at 1st.. 3 subjects, straight A's.. then 3 Straight D's EVEN MATHS!!! WTF!!
finally woke up during September, BBC but still not what I've expected =(
What I'm worry about now is AS result, hope its better than BBC

-Prolonged too long got myself into friend zone.
everytime I tried I got tongue tied

-My weakness is I've cared too much and I got hurt myself.
I'm the extra guy and I din't know that.
This goes for another sleepless night for me staring at the ceiling

=.= manyak duit!

And I must say...

I FUCKED UP MY LIFE about 50% IN YEAR 2009!!!

2009, a year where my wildness has come alive.
2009, a year where i don't have to wear uniform.
2009, a year where i stay alone somewhere far from family.
2009, a year where i learn alot of new things.
2009, not really a good year for me.

lets make it a great year!
Put the past away and look forward,
Be a better man,
Hope we all gonna enjoy this brand new year

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

His new name -> Harry Puffer not Potter.. why? BECAUSE HE LOVES WEED

After I logged out from my Hotmail. I saw something interesting.. since a lot of people likes harry potter, Last time??.. I think?? but i'm not..
Here goes something real! something unexpected!! SOMETHING GODLIKE!!!



Harry Potter smokes pot, Angelina tricks Jennifer Aniston, Mama Lohan predicts Lindsay's death and Indiana Jones calls Beyonce a retard.


Harry Pothead: The Half-Lit Prince

The boy wizard is now all grown up. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe shocked fans after he was allegedly photographed holding what appears to be a cannabis joint.

Photos of the 20-year-old actor with a rolled-up cigarette between his fingers have been making their round on the Internet this past week. Daniel was also said to have been letting loose at a bash, thrown at an apartment building in Camden, North London, by a friend of his ex-girlfriend Laura O'Toole.

According to a fellow partygoer, the star was seen laughing hysterically and walking around the flat in a daze after taking deep drags of the cigarette. Daniel supposedly walked around the house party blurting: "I Love Weed." He pulled out the huge joint then lit it up in the kitchen.

"Daniel looked spaced out and away with the fairies. He didn't want us to recognize him. When I said he looked like that actor in Lord of the Rings (Elijah Wood), he got a bit funny and said, ‘No, that’s not me.’ He looked pretty uncomfortable,” revealed the partygoer. “I didn't recognize him as he looked so different to what I expected from the films. When my friend told me who he was, I was shocked."

"Daniel was laughing and seemed to find it funny. But he didn't really look like he knew what was going on. I was surprised by his behaviour."

Of course, Daniel’s camp went into total damage-control mode, denying the allegations.



SQUEAKY clean screen boy wizard Daniel Radcliffe has been dubbed "Harry Puffer" by cast mates, who have warned him to cut back on his smoking.
Radcliffe, is reportedly smoking up to 20 cigarettes a day on the set of the next Harry Potter instalment, reports celebrity gossip websites including

The hard word on Radcliffe, 18, comes as Hollywood movie star Patrick Swayze recently announced he was dying from pancreatic cancer - and was globally shamed for being caught smoking in public with the disease.

A source said: "Daniel has recently been smoking up to 20 cigarettes a day.

"Every time they call 'Cut', he lights up.

"It's disgusting."

"Friends and co-stars including Rupert Grint have been warning him about the dangers of smoking."

But he doesn't seem to be taking any notice.

Close friends fear Daniel's unhealthy habit could ruin his clean-cut image - and have now warned him not to be seen puffing in public.

"He's been having late nights out with stars like Kevin Spacey and Stephen Fry and seems to have picked up bad habits from the luvvie set."

Last week, a nervous Radcliffe turned to the cancer sticks when he had to perform a tricky stunt himself because his double was absent.

The source added to British newspaper The Sun: "He was sparking up constantly."

SOURCE NO.2 (,26278,23394310-10388,00.html)

he must be smoked weed before his audition for Harry Potter...
Laughing and holding a roll of weed as his wand
shouting ADACADRABRA!!!
the smell of the weed makes the judge feel high and let him cast HARRY POTTER!!


damn geng! GODLIKE!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

What is this??

In this picture.. i think i look like a girl...